Air Sealing


Air Sealing is an inexpensive job because there is no equipment for you to buy.  It is normally the most cost effective measure to increase your homes performance, efficiency, comfort and health.


Expanding spray foam insulation canisters  Spray foam insulation gun, Air Sealing tape, cut to fit plywood, cut to fit rigid foam board insulation, air sealing covers for recessed can lights.


Sealing the crawl space below a house is done by laying out plastic throughout the entire crawl area and sealing it to the foundation walls.  This stops air from being pulled from the crawl space and minimizes the stack effect on the house

Why is Air Sealing important?

The first goal of most home performance projects is to seal or “tighten” a house to regulate the separation between interior, conditioned space and exterior space. Information gained from our initial blower door test is employed to work out the present air leakage and what areas have the simplest opportunity for improvement. While cold air coming through a leaky window is clear to several homeowners; the less detectable leakage which will come from a homes crawlspace or attic can have a way greater effect on a home’s air quality and efficiency. This less detectable leakage are often cold, moist, dusty crawlspace air that's drawn into the house as hot air rises from the stack effect It also can be air that has traveled through dust, insulation and possibly pest contaminants from the attic into the house. By sealing a crawl space below the house and therefore the attic stack effect is reduced significantly and a healthier, easier and efficient living environment is made .


A blower door is in place during all air sealing work to monitor progress and provide a final reading of air changes per hour. The final air changes per hour reading is used to determine how the house is performing and if mechanical ventilation is required.

We measured our last 50 projects and they averaged 38% air leakage reduction.  The only place we sealed were the attic, crawlspace, and we installed new zero leakage duct systems.  That is a lot of air infiltration from area where we use respirators to work in.  That same contaminated air was going into these homes before they were sealed.  This is another reason why we advise people to not seal their windows before doing this work and adding ventilation.

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Tell us about the project you are looking to get done and we can assist you quicker.

How Can We Help?

Tell us about the project you are looking to get done and we can assist you quicker.

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