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We mount, repair, insulate, seal, fix, and build duct systems that work for you. We can engineer duct systems that use sheet metal, or wire flex for your house, depending on your project.

Safety & Asbestos Removal

By changing vital pressure balances in homes, duct leakage can generate severe health hazard risks. Leaks on the furnace duct system’s return air side may also create health risks by removing hazardous chemicals, mold, allergens, moisture, and dust.  We also specialize in the removal of old asbestos ducts, replacing them with new ducts that you can be sure will be safe for your and your family.


The first step to a cleaner and energy-efficient home is always the upgrade to your duct system. And speaking of duct design, our engineers and installers are actually qualified to design and upgrade the duct system to deliver hot or cold air.

What Is Mastic Sealant?

A mastic sealant is a sealant of sorts which comes out as a liquid and solidifies into a more elastic texture. This material is used by most types of contractors to connect windows to buildings, fix cracks in bath tubs, etc. In the case of sealing ducts, mastic sealant is a very effective in sealing leaks and reducing waste energy, particularly for duct joints. Depending on the size of the leak, we may use mastic sealant in conjunction with fiberglass mesh tape.

What Is Duct Blaster®?

Energy waste is more often than not cause by leaks in forced air duct systems.  Likewise, the performance of your cooling and heating systems will suffer.  

The process works by pressurizing the duct system with a calibrated fan while measuring airflow though a fan.  The effect on the pressure of the duct system tells us how much air is being lost to the environment. This is where Duct Blaster ® comes into play by directly testing the pressure in your duct system.

What Is An Air Flow Test?

Air flow testing is the practice of moving air through a component to measure certain important characteristics.  Such measurements include air velocity, testing at different inlet temperatures, and infared imaging.

The Importance of Duct Seal

Duct seal is typically used to insulate electronic components, and to seal opening which can allow moisture, drafts, dust, and outside noise to penetrate through the building.  

How Can We Help?

Tell us about the project you are looking to get done and we can assist you quicker.

How Can We Help?

Tell us about the project you are looking to get done and we can assist you quicker.

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