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Improving Indoor Air Quality San Jose, CA

The air quality can sometimes be poor, which posts health hazards in most houses and even offices. Carbon monoxide, moist air, and penetration from areas with bad weather can contaminate the air you breathe. So, let us help you improve your indoor air quality. From the attic, crawl space, windows, walls, and other places in and around your house, we got your back.

Our team will check any leakage in your home or in your office. Then, we will determine the mechanical ventilation requirements. Existing automatic ventilation will be checked, and suggestions will be made to satisfy a safe home’s ventilation specifications. Don’t worry. The combination of our experience and high-end equipment will never fail you.

San Jose Indoor Air Quality Testing And Improvement

Having the air flowing clean and safe through the home or company is not only as easy as replacing the air filter sometimes. It takes far more for the consistency of indoor air that is genuinely clean and healthy. A host of different contaminants, including allergens, toxins, air pollution, mold spores, and even viruses, can easily contaminate the indoor air.

We check the environment in your home or office with our indoor air quality monitoring services to see what pollutants are causing the low quality of indoor air. It helps us guarantee that the environment is safe in the future. We will then take action to remove such pollutants and put indoor air quality goods in the system. Book an appointment now, and let us help you test and improve the air you breathe indoors.

Indoor Air Quality Specialists in San Jose, CA

Our team will go through your house or office until we identify the culprit behind the contaminated air. Moisture problems can trigger poor air quality from mildew, mold and high humidity air in homes. 

Some people may think a moisture problem should be remedied by a mold specialist. Still, source control is the best solution for moisture problems. We can identify the causes of moisture problems with a mix of infrared imagery, visual inspection and digital moisture readings. Call us today and get help from experts.

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