wall insulation


Do not undermine the impact on your energy bills that wall insulation can have. In a year, you can reduce your energy costs substantially and save between $150 to $300. Your investment will also be paid back in as little as two years.


Wall insulation is like placing a lid on a hot liquid-filled cup. This keeps the heat from escaping.


Molds are often a product of condensation, and wall insulation may fix this. The moisture can prevent wall insulation from moving through the walls. What would happen is that instead of flowing through the walls, the water will be stuck in between, so it will finally flow through the ground. It is hard for mold to grow up with little or no moisture.


All Bay Insulation & HVAC provides durable and effective wall insulation. Properly sealed walls that are moisture-protected and insulated help to improve comfort minimize noise and save energy costs. However, for insulating, air sealing, and moisture control, walls are the most complex part of the building envelope.

Thus, we make sure to provide airtight constructions. This way, we can seal all leaks in the wall during construction and before insulation installation. Moisture control is also essential for the exterior rain drain­ age system.

All Bay Insulation & HVAC provides complete insulation coverage. We offer advanced framing to maximize insulation coverage and reduce thermal bridging. So, there would be no gaps, compressed insulation, or even continuous insulated sheathing.

Thermal Camera Test

Diagnosing temperature related issues can be nearly impossible without the aid of special tools such as thermal cameras.  Usually performed in conjunction with a blower door test, thermal imaging can provide insight into where more insulation may be needed, temperature irregularities in electronics, condensation, and anything else that can throw off temperature.  Thermal imaging also allows us to build trust with customers with the added advantage of being able to demonstrate such temperature problems in a format that can be understood by anyone. 

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How Can We Help?

Tell us about the project you are looking to get done and we can assist you quicker.

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